How many times can a wig be used?

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Synthetic wigs are known for their style. Synthetic wigs can be worn daily or for a particular purpose depending on the wearer. They can fade after being worn daily for between 4 to 7 months.

Synthetic wigs are known for their style. Synthetic wigs can be worn daily or for a particular purpose depending on the wearer. They can fade after being worn daily for between 4 to 7 months.


Synthetic wigs are not like human hair cheap colored lace front wigs, they don't need the same high maintenance that human hair requires if you want them to keep looking good. But this doesn't mean that synthetic wigs won't fade, it only means that they need less maintenance and keeps its style before it gets worn out.


Exposing non-heat-friendly or Kanekalon synthetic burgundy lace front wig to heat would reduce their lifespan dramatically. It would permanently destroy the hair fibers. Heat styling tools like flat irons, curling irons or hot rollers can serve as catalysts to hair destruction. Even the heat and steam in the kitchen is not good for a synthetic wig, so be cautious while cooking.


Your synthetic hd wigs could also fade easily if you use a regular hair shampoo, gels or too much hairspray on them. These products can cause a build-up on them and thereby reduce its lifespan.


A big no-no for synthetic wigs is to brush it when it is wet. Brushing wet synthetic hair can stretch the hair fibers permanently, leaving it to fade. If you must comb or brush the hair, use combs and brushes specifically designed for synthetic wigs and make sure you do not brush when the wig is wet.


Remember that taking great care of your synthetic wig doesn't promise that it will las forever, but it will keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan.


You wouldn't be wrong if you thought that a real human hair wig wouldn't fade since your natural human hair does not fade. However, the human natural scalp produces oil and other nutrients, that keep the natural hair healthy and prevents it from wearing out.


In the case of a human hair wig, it only receives nutrients from the products you use on them which are most times not enough and not natural.


Naturally growing human hair has oil glands under the skin, which pass a constant supply of oil through the hair roots and through the length of the hair - keeping hair soft and shiny. But this oil gland is totally absent in wigs which are manmade constructions.


Wigs only get nutrients when they are applied in the form of a hair product, for instance when you apply a product to them in the mornings or evenings. This means that wigs do not get the constant supply of nutrient oils that our own hair does. The good news is that if you maintain your human hair wig properly, you can wear it for 1 - 2 years before it will start to fade.


Some factors that affect the life span of a human hair wig are:

  1. The base material

The base material or cap construction is the part of the wig that rests on your scalp. The durability is different depending on the type of cap construction you have. For instance, monofilament and silk base wigs are more durable and last longer than lace wigs.


This is because monofilament and lace wigs both have more layers and a thicker base, where as lace caps have just one layer of lace.


Lace wigs have other wig benefits, such as being comfortable, lightweight and natural. However, if you are looking for a long lasting wig, it may be worth it to spend a little more money on a silk or monofilament wig which will last longer and show less signs of wear and tear in the cap over time.


  1. The hair quality

The hair itself is the part that can be easily seen by people. Once hair luster starts to dwindle, it can be noticeable. The quality of the hair contributes majorly to the lifespan of the hair. Hairs that have been processed tend to fade easily, but unprocessed human hair would last longer.


Wigs with intact cuticles and those made from remy human hair are less likely to get tangled and would not require much maintenance. A good quality wig made from remy human hair undoubtedly has a longer lifespan than just regular human hair wigs.


Also, note that straight wigs often need less maintenance and often last longer than wigs with a deep wave. Curly wigs often need more maintenance to keep the curls intact and to keep the length of the curls nourished.