World of Warcraft: Shadowlands new leveling experience

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It has been nearly a month since the eighth release of World of Warcraft. Since then, I have improved my professional level, started various activities at the highest level, and made some attempts. I also spent some time entering the new team and experiencing some of them, and the first Mythic+ and PVP season has also begun. The WOW Classic Gold only thing that has not been fully opened is LFR, because we will get the first place starting this week. Nevertheless, now that the expansion work is in full swing, a comprehensive review of this issue is finally possible.

Due to the extended patch cycle this time, it is easy to forget the horizontal compression, and the brand new level of experience is also part of Shadowlands. For anyone who doesn't know, they reduced the number of levels from 120 to 60 in half and simplified the level adjustment process. Now, new players will enter the new entry island from level 1-10, level 10-50 from BfA, and level 50-60 from the Shadowlands. Veteran players can start from the original area as needed, or they can upgrade their thinking through any extended story. More in-depth information about the new leveling system to Buy WOW Classic Gold understand new World of Warcraft players and old players.

The advantage of compressing down to level 60 is that it now takes less time to reach the maximum level. The real beneficiaries of the new system are the new participants. Although it does not take a lot of time to practice 1 to 120, it is said that there are 120 levels that may be difficult for new players. In addition, the new balance method also allows new players to experience a more cohesive story in the first time. When they set out to level out alternatives, they can experience any part of World of Warcraft history they want.

However, this is just a warning in the "more cohesive story" part of the level adjustment. Expansion is not just a story at launch. It also covers everything that happened in each patch. For example, if you have never done this in the content of our battle with Arthas, then the story of Wrath of the Lich King will be incredibly fragmented. Unfortunately, according to the current balance method, the player has reached level 50 before reaching the target level. This compromises the goal of providing players with a coherent story. As the level cap of each new extension increases, this may be a self-correcting issue, but for now, the experience of bringing it to the level is not so good for any user who wants a clear storyline .

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