The Quality Of Corn Sheller Is Worrying

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With the fierce competition in the Corn Sheller market, the quality and performance of the thresher worries the common people.

With the fierce competition in the Corn Sheller market, the quality and performance of the thresher worries the common people. In order to seek greater benefits, some unscrupulous thresher manufacturers will arbitrarily produce unqualified and unqualified "three-five years" regardless of the life and death of the common people. Products, let us people suffer! When choosing a thresher, please look for a regular manufacturer with a regular license to avoid being deceived.
  1. Products produced by small workshops and small factories do not meet the standards, and do not have product licenses and operating certificates from relevant government departments;
  Second, there are a considerable number of small township and collective enterprises, lacking necessary inspection methods, lax inspection control, and enterprise quality management is just a mere formality, resulting in unqualified manufacturing quality and assembly quality of important parts;
  Third, some companies are not familiar with the standards or have low safety awareness, and do not add protective devices and warning signs according to the national mandatory standards, or replace high-strength bolts with ordinary bolts, resulting in unqualified product spot checks.
Fourth, small workshops, small companies, due to insufficient funds, produce products without relative one-to-one tracking services and professional after-sales services, and they cannot be dealt with in time when product problems occur. The economic loss to ordinary people is immeasurable. Also affected. Although national supervision and spot checks have been carried out year after year, they only cover most of the formal production enterprises, and some individual producers who neither obtain production licenses and promotion licenses nor have production equipment and inspection methods, blindly imitate the products of formal enterprises, and cut corners. , Poorly manufactured, the product quality is the worst. This type of enterprise has no formal production site and cannot be selected by supervision and random inspection. However, in view of the low price of their products, they still occupy a certain share in the market, so the editor reminds and warns friends, Don't blindly choose a thresher manufacturer because of the greed for cheap. Be sure to think carefully and observe in advance whether the Manual Fertilizer Seeder manufacturer is a regular manufacturer and whether it has the relevant production license and product license before you can cooperate with confidence.