What Requirements Does The Labeling Machine Have For Labels

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What Requirements Does The Labeling Machine Have For Labels

General automatic Labeling Machine has requirements on labels:

(1) Surface materials

The firmness of the label is the key to the label, so require a certain strength and hardness of the surface material, the label firmness and the thickness of the material and the label area, so the use of soft film material, to increase its thickness, generally controlled in more than 100 m.Thin paper materials, such as 60-70g /m2 labeling paper, are generally not suitable for making large labels, but for processing into small labels, such as those used on sticker guns.The stiffness difference of the label will lead to the failure of labeling, or the label will be rewound together with the bottom paper, making the automatic labeling invalid.

(2) Release force

Also known as the stripping force, is the label off the bottom paper when the force.Release force and the type of adhesive, thickness and the surface of the bottom paper coated with silicon, but also with the labeling of the ambient temperature.The release force is too small, the label is easy to drop (off the bottom paper) in the transmission process;Release force is too large, the label from the bottom paper difficult, unable to mark.The technical indexes should be controlled synthetically to make the release force in a reasonable range.

(3) Base paper

It is also an important index to control automatic labeling.It is required that the surface of the backing paper is uniformly coated with silicon and the releasing force is consistent.Uniform thickness, good tensile strength, ensure no breakage during labeling;Uniform thickness, good light transmittance to ensure that the sensor correctly identify the location of the label.

(4) Processing quality

It is required that both sides of the bottom paper should be flat and free from cracks after cutting to avoid the bottom paper breaking when the tension changes.Die-cutting to avoid cutting through the bottom paper or destroy the silicon coated layer, the bottom paper and silicon coated layer is destroyed easy to appear on the bottom paper or the adhesive inside the label into the bottom paper, there is no label and tear the bottom paper phenomenon.In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the static electricity in the web label before labeling, because the static electricity will cause the phenomenon that the label does not come out or the label is inaccurate.

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