Awning Motors Factory Introduces The Purchase Details Of Electric Curtains

Awning Motors Factory introduces how to buy electric curtains:


Awning Motors Factory introduces how to buy electric curtains:

  1. Select the motor
    The motor is the main standard for electric curtains. Electric curtain motors on the market can be divided into tubular motors, blinds motors, Roman blinds motors, etc. You can choose according to the actual situation.
  2. Fabric
    The fabric of the electric curtain is also very special. If you want to choose a good sunlight lighting effect, it is recommended to choose a sunlight fabric so that you can clearly see the outdoor situation, and the indoor situation can not be seen indoors. If you need to block the sun, you can choose a full Shading fabric to obtain a better shading effect.
  3. Accessories
    The quality of electric curtain accessories is also critical. If it is recommended to use an electric Roman shade to choose a rib winder to roll up and flatten, there will be no unevenness. However, ordinary drawstrings are prone to deform and break after being exposed to sunlight and rain.

    4. Production process
    Whether the details of the manufacturing process of the electric curtain are fine, such as the surface of the track, the cutting of the fabric, the cutting of the blade, etc., will affect the practicality and aesthetics of the electric curtain.

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