How Determine Floor Tiles Quality For Living Room

This guide shows us how to choose ceramic tile to make our best choice for your living room? How to determine the tiles have good quality


Many people asked how to decorate the living room with tiles, the main problem is to choose floor tiles and ceramic tile commonly. For floor and ceramic tile, there are many kinds and patterns on the market, but how to choose ceramic floor tile to make our best choice for your living room? How to determine the floor tiles have good quality?


How To Choose Floor Tiles For Living Room Determine Tiles Quality

Floor Tile Color

First of all, see if the color is clear, whether there are trachoma and hollowing, these are the most basic, generally, there will be no problem. Identify the flatness of ceramic tiles. Put the corners of four tiles diagonally flat, and touch the corners in the middle. If none of the tiles are tilted up, they are all flat. Identify the stain resistance of ceramic tiles. Take a marker pen and write on the tiles. After more than ten minutes, wipe it with a wet cloth. What can be wiped off is stain-resistant and clean. Identify tile anti skid water splashed up, stepping on the surface of the brick instead of astringent feeling, is antiskid. There is no relationship between anti-skid and bright and matte tiles. Matte tiles are not necessarily anti-skid. It's better to splash water to try, especially the kitchen is easy to water, to buy good anti-skid tiles.


Floor Tile Brightness

Matte / soft light is recommended for living room tiles, but bright light is not recommended. In the past, people like bright ceramic tiles, pursue high brightness Microcrystalline stone, with the decoration style is also magnificent. High light, mirror tiles, need to have a large housing area to cooperate with each other, in order to have the effect of the luxury atmosphere. Ordinary families do not need to pursue a high gloss mirror, tile color is not selected, especially vulgar. Therefore, now few families use high gloss Microcrystalline stone. Like to take a little soft light of ceramic tile, with white or gray Department of polished glazed brick, than Microcrystalline stone looks much higher. And if the room light is good, the strong reflection of ceramic tile is harmful to people's eyesight, can diffuse the sun's Nobel porcelain tile will also be suitable for the living environment. Like not to take any bright brick, use cement brick, antique brick this kind of Matt glazed brick. The surface glaze is heavy and does not absorb water. It is not obvious if it is dirty, so it is necessary for lazy people at home.


Floor Tile Style

Beige tiles, which have been popular in homes for more than 20 years, are now considered very rustic and basically abandoned. At present, the mainstream is black and white gray glazed tiles, pure color tiles and small flower tiles. Summary of several popular and good-looking tiles: imitation marble tile market acceptance of the highest glazed tiles, is imitation Jazz white marble, texture is very realistic. Jazz white light color, small area of kitchen and bathroom is also suitable, with white or gray seam. Imitation marble gray tiles, often used in the ground, gray than white more resistant to dirt. Of course, as mentioned earlier, in terms of the appearance close to natural marble, no one can match Nobel's all ceramic tiles. Whether it's white, light gray, dark gray or warm yellow, the color is very positive, and the texture is very fine and beautiful.