Path of Exile: Expedition is now released on PC and will land on consoles on July 28

Path of Exile: Expedition is a brand new extension of Path of Exile.


Path of Exile: Expedition is a brand new extension of Path of Exile. After launching several extensions, Expedition seems to have brought some more new content. It is now available on the PC, and many new contents have been added. Many players have been looking forward to this new expansion for a long time, and can’t wait to apply the prepared POE Currency to their characters and make a career in the new challenge league.

According to previous news, Path of Exile: Expedition has now landed on PC and will land on Playstation 4 and Xbox One game consoles on July 28. In addition, it will be used on two next-generation game consoles through backward compatibility. GGG said that the new expansion of Expedition brings new content that is needed. Players will take part in the expedition challenge alliance in the game, will also encounter four new merchant NPCs, and will also bring 19 new skills and support gems. The developers also made a huge balance of the new extensions and improved the flask system and added some new item types.

In Expedition, players can continue to use Battle Royale mode again. Path of Exile: Royale is a temporary game mode of action role-playing POE Currency. It allows 100 players to play a last-person game on a large island and imitate other battle royale games. The developers claim it has completely redesigned the mode to provide a better audience mode, rankings, improved terrain, interface upgrades, etc., and a series of optimizations and updates will be carried out in the future.

Players can use Path of Exile: Royale this weekend, and during the expedition league, players can use it on the weekend. It launched hope that all these new content will help pass the time until Path of Exile 2, which is likely to be released in 2022. It announced path of Exile 2 at Grinding Gear’s ExileCon in November 2019, with the goal of launching a playable beta before the end of 2020. Those players who are looking forward to Path Of Exile 2 had better Buy POE Currency in advance to have an excellent performance in the new version.