Wilderness and Free Trade

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Pvp meeting pve players. By having limited resources like treasure trails, runes, dragons, the abyss and bosses in the wildy it gave non pvpers the chance to participate in potential pvp and earn rewards, but however, it was not mandatory or required in any way. As I mentioned above, every player should have access the quests. However, making certain worlds "safer" is a defeat to the point of. This is what I am most concerned about. If a place is safe from being attacked, it defeats the purpose of the quest that OSRS Gold is a factor of risk.

As there is an entirely safe one just one hop away, no runecrafter will use the abyss of danger. The zombies who are armored can run on a safe world and then head to a potentially dangerous one after getting out of the wilderness, and that would apply to any thing. This is a gimmick, don't promote the idea "safe" realms.

Since wilderness and free trade are being discussed What is going to happen to the items that were initially designed in order to replace them? A quick background: GE-1 was conceived about one month ago, right before the infamous updates to free trade.

Ancient warriors equipment- was initially designed to look like statuettes, beacuse the drops of pvp were extremely poor in the past and they also made the ancient warriors equipments a luck drop too so you had a chance to get the items and earn money (the economy at the time was very low)

Statuettes They were introduced in the new bounty hunter system. They provided the chance to win excellent loots, good cash for those who pkers, and a promise for good luck. Estimated potential- First introduced with Old School RS Gold the bounty hunter's new system, it gave players a feel for the likelihood of a good chance to get loot. Pvp worlds-Were made to replace the bounty hunter, originally had many worlds but then has now been cut down to very few worlds.