Map Expansion, Archaeology. Ah, Dig Sites, you say!

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Map Expansion, Archaeology. Ah, Dig Sites, you say!


Map Expansion, Archaeology. Ah, Dig Sites, you say! This is where the talent really shines. While you may love to clean bones and artifacts using tiny brushes using a small brush, there are times you just want go on a last expedition, to OSRS Gold discover unknown territory, or explore some tombs.

Let's head towards the Kharidian Desert for our first stop, Kharid-Et. This fortress, which was once home to Zaros army, is located near the Duel Arena. It fell to the continuing onslaught from Zamorakian forces in the God Wars. While the majority of Zarosian allies thought that it was lost the Dr. Nabnik, who is the site director of the site of excavation has other thoughts.

After completing your first qualification after which you can be able to unlock the level 5 of Archaeology and begin your journey through this skill. You need not be concerned, however, since it's not a place that interns can utilize. In the vaults beneath you, there are excavated Zarosian weapons as well as opulent religious pieces relating to Zaros. You will unearth scrolls of ancient knowledge.

Next we travel to the eastern coasts Morytania. Modern Morytania is dark and brimming with blood-sucking horrors. However, the area was once the stronghold for Saradominists. Their crown jewel was the Icyene settlement at Everlight. The Everlight, a towering lighthouse that lit up the coast and gave illumination to Old School RS Gold the Icyene who inhabited it, was its core.