Encyclopedia of Popular Wigs and Beauty Products for 2021

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Wearing a wig is the most convenient option if you want to switch up your hairstyles on a regular basis and stay on trend

Wearing a wig is the most convenient option if you want to switch up your hairstyles on a regular basis and stay on trend. Not only will it not degrade the quality of the wholesale human hair, but it will also be easier to care for as well. Who knows what will be the most popular wig hairstyles in 2021. This year's most popular hairstyles include short curly hair, short straight hair, long straight hair, long curly hair, and BOBO hair (bobo hair). No matter what type of face you have, you can find a pair of glasses that will look good on you.

curly hair that is short

This year, natural curly short curly hair is becoming increasingly popular. You don't have to take care of it, and you can wear it with a more relaxed sense of style. The gentle and charming appearance of the person is enhanced by the short curly hair color that contrasts with the skin tone.

Suitable for face shape: Short curly hair has a positive effect on the face's shape and can be worn in many different ways. Whether it is a round face or a Chinese character face, short curly hair can enhance strengths while minimizing weaknesses, and the facial features appear more three-dimensional when short curly 613 hair weaves is worn.


In terms of purchasing abilities, the big curly short hair wig with air bangs is a more manageable style that is worth choosing; whereas the short curly  wig with small waves and corn is full of Korean temperament, giving people a small and exquisite feeling.

Hair that is short and straight

Short hair has become increasingly popular in recent years, but this year's popular short straight hair is improved from BOBO; the length is mostly at the chin and above, it is refreshing and neat, and it is relatively easy to control.

Hairstyles that complement the face: short straight hair complements the faces of girls with oval faces, inverted triangle faces, and small faces.

Shopper's tips: cool girls should opt for short straight hair wigs in shades of gray, brown, and other light colors, which are always in style; sweet girls should opt for dark short straight hair wigs, which evoke a stronger sense of belonging to their surroundings.

Hair that is long and straight

Hair that is black and long and straight has always been the standard for girls with a good temperament. The long, straight hairstyles that are popular this year are not difficult to achieve, but rather more natural. Darker colors such as chocolate and brown have gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to the traditional black. It's full of life.

Hairstyles that suit the face shape: Long straight hair is more appropriate for girls with a Chinese character face and girls with a round face.

Shopping skills: A long straight hair wig with a middle part can better modify the face shape and is suitable for girls with larger faces; a wig with long straight Indian virgin hair bundles that grows to the shoulder can be controlled better and is less picky.

Hair that is long and curly

Long, curly hair can be both elegant and sexy, and it has long been a favorite among females. The most popular long curly hairstyles this year are characterized by a casual, lazy feeling, big wavy curly hair, and an overall hairstyle that is more gentle and elegant, as well as being easier to maintain.

Suitable for face shape: Long, fluffy curly hair can be used to effectively alter the shape of the face, particularly for diamond-shaped and oval-shaped faces, among others.

Expertise in purchasing: The optional brown long curly hair wig with a Korean style is more girlish in appearance, whereas the burgundy long curly hair wig is more appropriate for mature girls.


BOBO Wigs is a wig company that specializes in bouffant wigs.

The majority of the length of BOBO head wigs is concentrated between wholesale wig vendors the chin and the shoulders. When viewed from the side, it has a circular arc with oblique bangs or air bangs, which is typical. In addition to being lighter overall and possessing a stronger sense of fashion, this year's popular BOBO head has been improved.

In accordance with facial structure, the following hairstyles are recommended: BOBO head with slightly inwardly buckled hair ends, visually displaying a small face, especially suitable for square and long faces.

Purchasing abilities: BOBO wigs with bangs, which have a cute temperament, are especially suitable for students to choose; whereas the middle-pointed BOBO wigs, which have more aura, are suitable for both students and professionals to choose.