Introduction Of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Application

China Fasteners Suppliers Choose the right product


  1.  China Fasteners Suppliers Choose the right product:


   (1) Whether the mechanical properties of the product meet customer requirements before use; (for example, the tensile strength of bolts and the safety load of nuts)


   (2) The length of the bolt should be selected appropriately, and the screw pitch of the nut exposed after tightening shall be 1-2 pitches;


   2. Reduce friction coefficient:


  (1) The line should be kept clean;


   (2) It is recommended to add lubricant (such as 40% oil and butter) before use;


   3. The correct method of operation:


   (1) The nut should rotate perpendicular to the axis of the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt, and must not be inclined;


   (2) During the tightening process, the force should be evenly applied and the force should not exceed the safe torque;


   (3) China Fasteners Suppliers should choose combination wrenches or socket wrenches as much as possible, and avoid using adjustable wrenches or electric wrenches.