Madden is a perfect illustration

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Soccer is my favorite sport(I had been a school player and now coach school ball) and throughout my time on the trial that I did not feel excited. I'd superb low expectations so that I did not feel disappointed, I just felt nothing. I love this game and this is the only major simulation option and that I felt nothing. I have a few hours left so I may just test a bit more but once my period is done it's done for Madden 21 coins good. I got fooled into purchasing Madden 20 but not this season. If you want the sport, trendy. As someone who knows football well and how the game functions in real life this name doesn't do anything for me. If you like football anything beyond a casual fan I can't suggest Madden 21 to you. It's so sad that this is what we must work with. We have to beg for features from executives and impolite devs. If you took the time to read thanks, catch me playing NCAA 14 and PS2 Madden and #FixFranchiseMode.

Madden is a perfect illustration of what a biography does to the quality of a service/product. The bar is set low by them and every year is a"measure in a brand new direction". Every year that I feel like the child in the back of the vehicle asking"are we there yet" on a road trip, but we aren't even half way fucking there. Thank god I only got the trial.

This together with all that I am seeing on both r/Madden as well as r/MaddenUltimateTeam cements me not purchasing Madden for the first time since Madden 05 at least before the new consoles come out. I do play MUT and have invested quite some time into it the past five years but because the MUT staff gave up earlier in the summer that I saw how much I really didn't enjoy this manner, just lacked continuous upgrades and articles. To buy Mut 21 coins see that the 6-7 bullet points that they had been adding to Franchise along with nothing else broke my heart.