The better question is why not find another interest

The better question is why not find another interest


In Hitsugi's case, I wouldn't call it moot. It's a really common anime trope to possess introspection show the character without clothing. And EP4 is stuffed to the brim with all types of anime tropes. I am somewhat pissed off about the product descriptions more than anything else here. That was only straight up . Not to mention some of these are flat out wrong. It appears most of the censorship comes from the PSO2 Meseta fact the characters are underage here in the West and the localizers wish to avoid issues with depicting sexualized minors. As long as the censorship completely simplifies around avoiding sexual depictions of minors I'm fine. Obviously this contributes to a slippery slope but with the amount of things already in the game which can be censored but has not been, I believe we are fine.

Translating Japanese into English will always lose something in translation due to the structure of the languages. If you want to play how it was truly intended -- learn the original language and read/watch/play it. I hope there will a very simple mod patch to restore some of those altered cutscene articles for NA/Global. Mainly more because I'm of the opinion that the game ought to be gotten as it was created, not simply because someone got offended with something (such as blood being censored in certain matches, or deleting an entire mission just because it is too controversial).

Agree. These clowns that keep stating. "I'm fine with censorship" are even worse than those that keep pushing it. Well people do research and learn the terminology and guess what? This shit is still dumb and does nothing to the game's popularity. I studied Japanese for 4 decades and I am still undecided on why can you even try to censor/change items that has been put there from the original creators on all websites.

The better question is why not find another interest and stop infecting these IPs with your crap ideologies. If you can not deal with a bunch of 2D artwork and it triggers or makes you uneasy. As for the bath scene, catching a female's breasts for comic relief is really bad taste and must be omitted from our civilization. But anime is full of crap such as this.

Same with undesirable ass grabbing for gay characters for comedic outcomes.

Because seeing nude women will make u into a rapist, so seeing nude children will make u into a young child rapist /s. The internet loves the view things in the most fucked up way possible. Just like a child eating a banana on cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the current car comercial. The cencor mindset that every1s defending isnt this the same mentality that muslims have? Better cover up the wamen too.